Xperia X2 not announced by Sony Ericsson

Sorry guys, but the rumor of the Xperia X2 being announced today aren’t true. At the CommunicAsia in Singapore, Sony Ericsson gave a recap on their recently announced handsets. The company went over the specs of the Satio, previously known as Idou, the all in one entertainment phone, as well as the two gaming phones, Yari and Aino.

Sony Ericsson revealed that the handsets are due to be released in early Q4 for the Asia Pacific region. Consumers in that area who pick up the handsets will also get exclusive content. Three movies and music videos are included with the Satio and Aino, which the user can chose from a movie catalogue of around 300 titles. Prince of Persia and Asphalt Road will also be bundled with Satio. Yari on the other hand, users will be able to download three games from a list of around 100 games. Seems like Satio users will be getting the best deal though, even if the price is sure to be higher for the handset.


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