VAIO JS Series Desktop

Sony Vaio JS Series

Sony Vaio JS Series

Ever since it was invented for home use, the desktop personal computers have become a vital household appliance. It is used in almost every home and it has revolutionized the way we work, research and play. Having a good desktop personal computer for home or in the office is as important as having an air conditioning unit in a heat wave. Either completing tasks for school or creating a presentation for work and even playing to unwind the stress that comes along with the other two, the personal computer can do it. Today, bigger, faster and better personal computers are demanded to coup with the fast advancement of technology. And with the VAIO JS series desktop PC from Sony, the wait is over. It is a desktop computer designed to give you a powerful tool with aesthetics.

Sony Vaio JS Series

The VAIO JS series desktop PC uses an Intel Core 2 Duo with 3 GHz of might to give you the high speed performance you need. 4 gigabytes of Ram makes you feel you have endless memory storage. The JS series also has 500 gigabytes of hard drive memory so you can store thousands of images, music and video files which you can transfer to the desktop computer from a cell phone or other devices via Bluetooth because the JS series has a built in Bluetooth device. It also has a microphone, webcam a Blu-ray disk optical drive and a television function to give you complete functionality in one package that is at the same time beautiful and eye catching.



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