Updates released for Sony Ericsson Satio, Aino, Yari and Xperia X2

sony ericsson firmware updates
An update for several Sony Ericsson handsets has been released. The update makes it the second update for the Sony Ericsson Satio and Sony Ericsson Aino. The Satio update brings in extra features, which allow you to upload to YouTube and Facebook. You can also shoot widescreen videos with WVGA and watch them in increased resolution (864×480). It’s also possible to connect the phone to gaming systems and home entertainment systems through DLNA. Unfortunately, there’s no information on whether this has fixed any of the ongoing issues with the handset. Let us know if you’ve noticed any differences/improvements after updating.

We’re already heard about the update for Aino, which provides more stability and battery consumption is improved. You also get the new game Bubble Town 2 and three new themes for the handset. Likewise, the update for the Sony Ericsson Yari also brings in better battery consumption measures while improving GPS and Bluetooth performance. Two new games are also available for free: Snowboard Rush and Hamster Hustle.

The Xperia X2 on the other hand, has received two new updates. Firstly improving performance but, also adding support for video calls and FM Radio. The latest update however, also upgrades the operating system to Windows Mobile 6.5.3.

You can get the updates from the Sony Ericsson Update Service.


  1. Anyone updated their Satio yet?

    • I keep getting messages from Orange telling me updates are available, but when I go online it says I already have the latest software. However, my phone won’t now send from my mailbox – trying to send photos via that as free compared with picture messaging, and it did it up to a week ago and now refuses. Bizarre!

      • It is an orange email you’re using or a different one? If orange maybe they’ve updated their settings? Or if not Orange, have you double checked all the settings for the mail box? – I know Gmail seem to change theirs constantly, I have to change the settings for my mum’s every 6 months as it stops sending or receiving.

  2. It’s yahoo-one is yahoo.com, the other ymail.com. I thought maybe the link to the yahoo one had become corrupted, so added another Mailbox (my ymail address) but it hasn’t solved it. I receive emails, but can’t send. I’m not going to give up! I keep footling around among the menus, hoping to find something to tweak, but any guidance would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks,

    • I’ve just seen someone else can’t set up their email now either, since the update. I’m finding out if there’s was also Yahoo. Do you have another, non Yahoo email address you could add to see if it’s Yahoo related, or really is the phone? Which from what I’ve been reading, seems the most likely case :|, so SE really need to fix this asap. Preferably with some of the other problems as well.

  3. i also tried before 3 days no software update available, still my mobile is having problems

  4. mzalia

    I bought my satio about a week ago. Still trying to set up Yahoo!mail. Hv no problem with Hotmail tho. I keep getting the Yahoo!Plus mail settings which requires me to pay US$19. Help anyone?

    • Did it come with this update, the latest one? If so it seems that’s the problem. Rose can’t access Yahoo mail any more either. I haven’t got my Satio any more so I can’t test sorry and my Yahoo account is a newer one which does require me to have Yahoo Plus to use it on the phone or an email client :|.


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