Update for Sony Ericsson Satio and Aino


Sony Ericsson have rolled out another firmware update for the Sony Ericsson Satio, which should be available for all handsets. I’ve tested the update on my Vodafone branded handset and the update has been detected and installed. While I haven’t had time to test it fully yet, others have been saying the phone is faster with the update and it fixes the homescreen theme problem, where no shortcuts are being displayed, only the Sony Ericsson home screen theme displays correctly. Sony Ericsson have also rolled out an update for the Aino, which has also been experiencing issues, mostly with the touch screen. While no problems have been reported with the Yari, an update is also to come for the handset. It’s also noted on the Sony Ericsson Update page, that the handset does not need to be backed up, as the update does not affect handset data, but it is of course recommended to do so if possible anyway.


Update, the update has not fixed the homescreen theme problem. Other fixes, or unfixed bugs will be reported.

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