UK Release Date for Xperia x2


It may have only been a few days since the Xperia X2 was officially announced, but the handset is already available to pre-order. Rumors are going around that the handset will be released November 2nd in Italy for 600 Euros, but as of yet, I’m yet to see any sites confirming this.

In the UK however it’s a different story. Retailer Expansys, who previously listed the X3 for a couple of days, has the Xperia X2 listed for pre-order with a release date and price. It lists the specs which we already know, such as featuring an 8.1 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile 6.5 and TV Out. Expansys are listing the X2 with an estimated release date of 11 January 2010. The price of the handset is listed as £604.99.



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