android 2.1 aint coming

Although Sony Ericsson had never confirmed the release date for the updated version of the Android operating system used on it’s Xperia X10 hansdets, the company has now moved to announce on it’s official blog that the update is not imminent and will not arrive before October 2010.

The Xperia X10, the Xperia X10 Mini and the X10 Mini Pro all run on the Android operating system currently and are using the 1.6 version of the Google OS. Whilst other handset manufacturers have pushed out their mobile phones with Android 2.1 or 2.2, the Xperia range has sadly been left behind by the reluctance of Sony Ericsson to update the firmware to a firmware that many users desire greatly. Sony Ericsson have never actually explained why there is such a delay to update and the latest announcement could see some Xperia users leave their Sony Ericsson handsets behind and move on to brands such as Samsung, HTC and Apple.

Running on an outdated firmware such as 1.6 Android is slowing the development of Android applications and games for the Xperia range and with the upcoming release of another Xperia handset, in the form of the Xperia X8, the Xperia phone range is left unable to play many games and applications available on the Android market because many applications are created with 2.1 or 2.2 compatibility in mind. This is a shame for Xperia owners who paid a healthy sum for their handsets and are struggling to get the best use out of their phones.

Hopefully Sony Ericsson are a big enough company, with enough care about their customers to resolve the updating issue sooner rather than later. They certainly aren’t a company that lets their customers down regularly so fingers crossed that Android 2.1 arrives soon.

Official SE blog

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If you’re after the Xperia X10 Mini, it could be worth taking a look at the offer Argos has on in the UK. The handset usually retails for £179.99 and the pricing is no different at Argos, although you do need to also top up £10. You will however get some extras free with the handset if reserved and collected in store. Unfortunately the offer isn’t available online, so you will need to collect from your nearest store with stock.

When adding the Xperia X10 Mini to your basket, you can add three accessories as well which would normally cost £49.97 but, when adding all three you get them absolutely free. The first accessory is a 4GB card. The handset comes with a 2GB micro SD card as standard, so you can double the amount of memory straight away. You also get a universal screen protector. While not the best, as you’ll need to cut the screen protector to size, it will do the job of protecting the screen. A mobile phone drive pack is also included in the offer. The pack contains a bluetooth ear piece, in car charger and a universal vent holder which is dash mountable.

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According to latest reports, Sony is planning an Xperia X10 “medium”. Codenamed “Shakira”, the handset will be bigger than the X10 Mini and smaller than the X10. The specifications are still unknown.

The screen is expected to measure between 3.2 to 3.5 inches. There is no information on the hardware yet. If reports are to be believed, the phone will run on Android 2.1, which is in the early stages of development.

Images of the Android 2.1 running on an X10 have also been leaked. Images have been posted on a Chinese site. Looks like Sony is having a tough time with its security!


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With the aim of strengthening its hold in the fast growing smart phone market in South Korea, Sony Ericsson has announced that it will sell the Xperia X 10 starting this month. The Android powered handset will be the second smart phone in the market from Sony.

“Korea is one of the most important markets for Sony Ericsson…and this market has a great potential for Sony Ericsson’s future growth” as the number of smart phone users has nearly doubled from the end of last year to 2 million by May this year, Hirokazu Ishizuka, head of the company’s Asia-Pacific region, said Thursday.

Sony is hoping that applications like Timescape will give the phone an edge over competitors like Apple, Samsung and LG which have already gained a strong foot hold in the market.

Sony Ericsson will partner South Korean telecom giants, SK Telecom Co. (SKM) to offer the phones. The device will carry a price tag of around KRW 800, 000 – KRW 900, 000 ($750).


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The Creatouch application is now available for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. The application, which allows users to create and personalize their home screen is now available to download in the PlayNow market.

Creatouch allows you to create cool wallpaper with special effects and symbols. It allows the user to draw by hand, insert text, symbols and numbers, and even share the wallpapers socially. You can view the video of the application in action after the jump.

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