This week Sony Ericsson have officially announced the release of the Xperia X2 along with the handset which was previously known as Kiki. The Xperia X2 is the successor to the popular Windows Mobile Xperia X1. The X2 will also run Windows Mobile but the updated 6.5 version. Engadget were also able to preview the Xperia X2, which at the moment, Windows Mobile 6.5 isn’t finalised, so there’s a bit of lag in the UI. The Xperia X2 also features an upgraded camera coming it at 8.1 mega pixels. Release date is set for Q4 of 2009, so hopefully we should see the handset before Christmas. You can view the video by Engadget after the jump.


The other Xperia handset announced, is not the Xperia Rachael, aka X3, but rather the handset we formally knew as Kiki. The handset, well known specs are limited at the moment, we have known it will feature a “transparent screen”. Again we have a video showing this which you can view after the jump. The display is visible from both sides of the handset, but if it only displays during certain screens or can be turned off is currently unknown. Hopefully it can be turned off, or not on during certain screens, other wise text messages soon won’t be very private. The handset has been named Xperia Pureness and is due for release also in Q4, with November as the month the coming is aiming for.

Both handsets will launch in selected markets during Q4. No price is known as of yet.

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