If you’re after the Xperia X10 Mini, it could be worth taking a look at the offer Argos has on in the UK. The handset usually retails for £179.99 and the pricing is no different at Argos, although you do need to also top up £10. You will however get some extras free with the handset if reserved and collected in store. Unfortunately the offer isn’t available online, so you will need to collect from your nearest store with stock.

When adding the Xperia X10 Mini to your basket, you can add three accessories as well which would normally cost £49.97 but, when adding all three you get them absolutely free. The first accessory is a 4GB card. The handset comes with a 2GB micro SD card as standard, so you can double the amount of memory straight away. You also get a universal screen protector. While not the best, as you’ll need to cut the screen protector to size, it will do the job of protecting the screen. A mobile phone drive pack is also included in the offer. The pack contains a bluetooth ear piece, in car charger and a universal vent holder which is dash mountable.

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini has now been released in the UK on most networks. Both Vodafone and O2 have the X10 Mini in stock, although it’s unclear which color they are stocking and sending. Orange on the other hand, also have the handset in stock but, they have an exclusive deal with Sony Ericsson, like the did for the Xperia X10. Orange were able to gain exclusive rights to the white model of the X10, while the other networks just had the black model and this time, Orange are the only UK sellers of the Lime Green Xperia X10 Mini.

Tariff rates start pretty low, with Orange even offering the phone up for free on a £15 a month tariff. Overall £20 is the lowest tariff to get the X10 Mini for free but, this can be on an 18 month contract, not just a 24 month contract. T-Mobile is yet to launch the handset, nor is it listed in their coming soon handsets. They do however list the Xperia X10 Mini Pro as coming in sometime in July.

Third party retailers however, such as can offer the X10 Mini on T-Mobile as well as Three. They sell the handsets unlocked and so can provide any network sim with the handsets. They also have some great cashback or gifts with the handset, including a PSP Go, or PS3 Slim.

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Sony Ericsson is planning to launch a new phone in the Walkman series. The company is developing a Walkman phone on the Android platform and plans an official announcement sometime this month.

The phone is rumored to have similar specifications to the X10 Mini. It will have the same 2.6 inch touchscreen as the Mini.  It will also have the same 5MP camera without LED flash. Other specs include 3G, Bluetooth and GPS. The phone will have a 600 MHz processor. There is no news on whether the phone will run on Android 1.6 or Android 2.1.


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The launch of much awaited x10 mini is getting more nearer with Sony Ericsson starting to screen their commercial across United States. The 45 second TV commercial highlights importance on the ability of the mobile to be used with single hand. The commercial begins in a fabulous manner with great entry song. The rhythmic dancing movement of finger over this mobile gets synchronized with background music to showcase the potential to operate this mobile easily with the help of fingers.

This mobile comes with exciting features and many people who are waiting eagerly for the launch of this product can be treated very soon with fabulous features. There is good level of emphasis that is made by this company to meet expectations of people in an amazing manner. The wonderful resolution of this product will provide crystal clear photo capture and video recording. You can view the video after the jump.

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Federal communication center (FCC) has approved specifications and configuration details of X10 mini mobile and it is ready for release. This mobile has already created great buzz among people due to it innovative feature of one hand operation facility. The all new design features present in this mobile will enable people to access the zoom feature with a single operation. The introduction of this feature will present sweet delight for mobile users since Sony Ericsson has emphasized special interest to translate consumer demands into the working model.

This feature comes as a development aspect from previous model. The X10 demanded people to use both of their hands to perform various important functions such as camera zoom, video recording and many others. This feature will enhance functionality of the product in a greater manner. You can visit the FCC website to learn more about specification and to view product manual. The product will be rolled out in market very soon.

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