The launch of much awaited x10 mini is getting more nearer with Sony Ericsson starting to screen their commercial across United States. The 45 second TV commercial highlights importance on the ability of the mobile to be used with single hand. The commercial begins in a fabulous manner with great entry song. The rhythmic dancing movement of finger over this mobile gets synchronized with background music to showcase the potential to operate this mobile easily with the help of fingers.

This mobile comes with exciting features and many people who are waiting eagerly for the launch of this product can be treated very soon with fabulous features. There is good level of emphasis that is made by this company to meet expectations of people in an amazing manner. The wonderful resolution of this product will provide crystal clear photo capture and video recording. You can view the video after the jump.

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News has been flying around lately about all the upcoming Xperia handsets from Sony Ericsson, but have you been keeping track? Here to help you out, is a quick review on the upcoming Xperia models, as well as the current Xperia X1.


The Xperia X1, currently on sale around the world is the first Windows Mobile handset from Sony Ericsson. The handset also features a touch screen and slide out QWERTY keyboard. Camera wise it features an impressive, yet slightly outdated 3.2 megapixel camera.


The next Xperia handset, the X2, aka Vulcan brings the camera up a notch to 8.1 megapixel. Also updated will be Windows Mobile, the X2 is set to use Windows Mobile 6.5. Other similar specs of the handset includes a 3.5 inch touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard.


Images and specs have also been floating around of the Xperia Rachael, which was originally thought to be the X3 although some are suggesting that Rachael is in fact X5 which we’ll come onto next. Currently, the X3 is rumoured to be a mysterious handset, going by the name of Kiki. Not much information on Kiki at the moment apart from the screen. Kiki uses a glass screen with a rear projected image. Xperia wording can be found on the back of the handset, which is the only thing currently that points to the Xperia brand, as there’s no QWERTY keyboard to be found. Kiki is also supposedly running Android.


Also running Android and receiving much more hype than Kiki, is Rachael. Abandoning Windows Mobile in favour of Android has got a lot of people excited. No visible QWERTY keyboard on the handset, but perhaps the increased screen size reflects the absence of it. Coming it at 4 inches, it’s the biggest of the Xperia screens. As for the Xperia X4, no information has been released on it, but perhaps Kiki could be the X4.

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Pocket Now have made a series of videos covering Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1. The video series is made up of three parts, the first one looking over the hardware of the X1, while the other two are software related.

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With the X1, Sony Ericsson offers one of the first phones with high speed broad band internet. Because the X1 is able to transfer data quicker than most phones, your X1 will be able to access streaming audio, video, web surfing,a nd multimedia messaging with ease. This will open up a world of new options when combined with the downloadable panels. This will open up options like video chat, imagine being able to see someone as you talk to them on the phone. With its high speed internet access the X1 will be a great tool for business and personal use alike.

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Sony Ericsson have put up a page for a simulator of the Xperia X1.

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