Sony now has a great product to offer to all fitness enthusiasts. The new NWZ-W252 W -Series Walkman MP3 Player. It is wireless, lightweight and housed in a water resistant frame to facilitate extended use for both indoor and outdoor usage. It doesn’t really matter any more if it’s raining.

Also, you can now transfer all your music files and playlists straight from your PC or the iTunes library. It has a maximum capacity of 2 GB and can hold about 500 songs, each about 4 minutes in length. There is also a quick charge function that lets you charge the player in just 3 minutes for a good 90 minute usage. When charged fully its battery can power 11 hours of non-stop music!

The WZ-W252 W-series walkman is available for around $60.

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On Wednesday Sony celebrated 30 years of the Walkman, as did many consumers. First released in 1979, the tape playing music player cost £120 in the UK and originally named Stowaway. In Australia it was known as FreeStyle and as Soundabout in the US. Japan had the name of Walkman which caught on around the world and become the known name for the device. Within the first two months 30,000 were sold and over a decade 50 million were purchased.

30 years on and Sony are still producing music players taking advantage of today’s technology. But also taking advantage of today’s technology and learning from the past, Apple are dominating the portable music market. With over 210 million iPods sold over the last eight years, Sony has strong competition. The Walkman brand can be found on many devices though, from the original tape playing Walkman through to digital MP3 players and even using the Walkman brand on Sony Ericsson phones. Over the 30 years, 385 million Walkman devices have been sold.

To celebrate 30 years of the Walkman, Sony are releasing the Walkman X today, July 3rd. The portable music player is available in 16GB and 32GB versions. TheWalkman X will also include built in WiFi as well as a 3″ touch screen display. Unlike other MP3 players with touch screens, Sony will be taking advantage of the OLED technology and using that for the touch display. Pricing will start at $299.99 (£169.99).


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