Just in – the Sony Ericsson Spiro, available on the Virgin network in a slightly funky shade of green, silver and lime green with a hint of sage actually.

Virgin Mobile are now offering the Spiro handset on their Pay As You Go tariff at a price of £59.99 which includes £10 worth of airtime making the handset cost effectively £49.99. The handset itself, also known as the W100i, is a Walkman phone, great for music fans and is silver with a green trim and with the slide out keypad being green in colour. The back of this particular Spiro is also green, a sage/pea green.

Coming with a 2MP camera, a 2GB memory card and social media applications installed, the Spiro is a great buy for kids this Christmas or if you just want a reasonably priced handset that can make and receive calls and texts, play your mp3’s, take the odd photo and check on your Facebook then it could be a great buy for adults too.

Sony Ericsson Spiro Mobile Phone Deal on Virgin PAYG

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