Praise Jesus for saving us from video game violence! Some folks up in Maine didn’t take kindly to No Russian. The Maine Christian Civil Leage (MCCL) condemns the game, saying that “any decent citizen ought to ban it.” The game being Modern Warefare 2.

Here is what they have to say about the level and game:

“The ready availability of drugs, violent video games, and outrageous rock music is a witch’s brew which will eventually lead to tragedy here in Maine.”

“There is a well-established cause and effect relationship between video games and school shootings, and parents of some of the victims have sued video game makers. Mercifully, our own state has been spared the occurrence of any school shootings, but the danger is growing with each passing day.”

“All decent people should denounce the video game Modern Warfare 2; and join in opposing the sale and use of such games. Moreover, it may be time for Maine to begin a debate over the advisability of banning these games completely, giving due consideration to both the First Amendment, and the danger these violent games pose to the public.”

I don’t know if I feel comfortable with people telling me what is right or wrong, I think I can make the choice for myself. It’s all a choice until someone else thinks it’s wrong.

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Here is a trophy list for those of you who are getting Bioshock 2. 2K released the list and I am always curious how you earn acheivments in games. The list also features both single-player and multi-player trophies. BioShock 2 will be available February 9, 2010.

Bought a Slot – Bought one Plasmid or Tonic Slot at a Gatherer’s Garden. Bronze

Max Plasmid Slots – Fully upgraded to the maximum number of Plasmid Slots. Bronze

Upgraded a Weapon – Upgraded a weapon at a Power to the People Station. Bronze

Fully Upgraded a Weapon – Installed the third upgrade to a weapon. Bronze

All Weapon Upgrades – Found every Power to the People weapon upgrade in the game. Bronze

Prolific Hacker – Hacked one of each kind of machine. Bronze

Master Hacker – Hacked 30 machines at a distances with the Hack Tool. Bronze

First Research – Researched a Splicer with the Research Camera. Bronze

One Reserach Track – Maxed out one Research Track. Bronze

Research Master – Completed all research on every subject in Rapture. Bronze

Grand Daddy – Defeated 3 Big Daddies without dying during the fight. Silver

Master Gatherer – Gathered 600 ADAM with Little Sisters. Silver

Fully Upgraded a Plasmid – Fully upgraded one Plasmid to the Level 3 version. Bronze

All Plasmids – Found or purchased all 11 basic Plasmid types. Bronze

Trap Master – Killed 30 enemies using only Traps. Bronze

Master Protector – Got through a Gather with no damage and no one getting to the Little Sister. Bronze

Big Spender – Spent 2000 dollars at Vending Machines. Bronze

Dealt with Every Little Sister – Dealt with every Little Sister. Silver

Big Brass Balls – Finished the game without using Vita-Chambers. Silver

Rapture Historian – Found 100 audio diaries. Silver

Welcome to Rapture – Completed your first non-private match. Bronze

Unnatural Selection – Scored your first kill in a non-private match. Bronze

Disgusting Frankenstein – Become a Big Daddy for the first time in a non-private match. Bronze

“Mr. Bubbles– No!” – Took down your first Big Daddy in a non-private match. Bronze

Against All Odds – Finished the game on the hardest difficulty level. Bronze

Two-Bit Heroics – Completed your first trial in a non-private match. Bronze

Mother Goose – Saved your first Little Sister in a non-private match. Bronze

Parasite – Achieved Rank 10. Bronze

Little Moth – Achieved Rank 20. Bronze

Skin Job – Achieved Rank 30. Bronze

Choose the Impossible – Achieved Rank 40. Gold

Proving Grounds – Won your first non-private match. Silver

Man About Town – Played at least one non-private match on each multiplayer map. Bronze

17 Secret Trophies

Platinum – Unlocked all trophies. Platinum

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