Sony have announced that they are releasing the VAIO EB, EA and EC series of laptops with new configuration options, more specifically CPUs and graphics. They have also reintroduced the purple color configuration which has proved popular among many. Specs wise, the laptops will be available with Intel’s latest CPUs, the 2.66GHz Ci5-580 and the 2.53GHz Ci5-460M. A 2GHz Pentium Processor option has also been added for those looking for a more affordable option. Both the EA and EB series will also have the option of a 1GB graphics card, which the EC models already have. Another change for the EB series and one for the EC range, is that you can have add a HD display and is a free upgrade for a limited time on new customized EB and EC laptops. The offer will expire on October 9th.

The Sony VAIO F will have it’s GeForce GT 330M graphics card upgraded to a GeForce GT 425M along with 1GB of video RAM, making it perfect for gaming. A USB 3.0 port has also been added which means even quicker transfers from external hard drives, digital cameras, phones, etc.

The All in One touch screen VAIO L computer will also have the option of a Blu-ray disc reader/writer. This was initially a feature when the computer was released back last year but, it quickly sold out. It’s now back however, along with the option of adding a TV tuner, a quad core processor, 2TB hard drive and some other new options.


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