Over at Gizmo Dot, the folks have got hold of the popular NWZ-E443 Walkman from Sony. The E443 is available in both red and black and in 4GB or 8GB variants. The model unboxed is the red 4GB version which retails for around £60 in the UK.

The 4GB of storage can store around 1000 tracks or 15 hours of video. The battery can last for around 30 hours while playing music, or 6 hours while watching videos. An FM Radio is also built in, so if you fancy a break from your music tracks, you have an alternative option. The Walkman also supports the viewing of photos. As for transferring media, it can be done easily on the Walkman with Windows explorer, no need for a seperate client to transfer music and video. The E443 Walkman features a proprietary port, which is a bit of a disappointment, mini USB would have been much better but, a cable is provided with the Walkman for transferring media and charging via computer. An additional wall charger can be purchased for the Walkman, or alternatively, an AC adapter that features a USB connection port, as found with many new phones, such as the Xperia X10.

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After finally seeing the Sony Vaio netbook in the flesh, I fell in love with it immediately. The VAIO W netbook has been released in two varients, the W11S1E and the W12S1E. The difference between the two are the hard drive size, operating system, battery and price, while the rest of the specs remain the same. The W11S1E has a 160GB hard drive, Windows XP and is available for £300 with a 3 cell battery, giving 2.5 hours battery life. While the W12S1E is equipped with Windows 7 Starter, 250GB HDD, a 6 cell battery providing 7.5 hours battery life and retails for £350. So naturally, I went with the W12S1E. Both models are hard to find in most shops within the UK, with only one store in my area having the netbook (W12S1E) on display. Both models are available in white, pink and tan/brown. Although Argos also lists the W12S1E available in charcoal.

Other specs of the netbook include an Intel Atom N280 processor, 10.1 inch display, with an impressive screen resolution of 1366×768, which really does make a difference, 1GB RAM, web camera and an SD and Memory Stick card reader. Connectivity wise, it features WiFi b/g/n and bluetooth.

You can view my unboxing photos of the netbook after the break.

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