Sony has revealed an all in one Surround Sound System for the PlayStation 3. The system will be launched in Japan, North America, Europe and Asian regions in fall this year. It has a sleek and casual design which reduces storage space and comes with a built in sub-woofer.

The CECH-ZVS1 uses high end technology like the S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound which delivers rich sound and creates a dynamic sound environment. The speakers have been designed to provide users with a real cinematic experience of all forms of entertainment.

The Sound System carries two audio inputs, an Optical audio input and an analog audio input. The optical audio input is use d for connecting devices like the PS3, while the analog input is used to connect portable devices like the PSP. The CECH- ZVS1 is compatible with several formats like Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG-2 AAC and Linear PCM.  The amplifier has 10W per channel, and 15W + 15W for the subwoofer.

The system also offers features like night mode and dialog mode. Night mode enables users to enjoy sound effects even at low volumes. The dialog mode enhances in-game speech and narration.

Users will have to keep the speakers in front of the TV and connect it to the PS3 with the help of an optical cable. The system provides four sound fields; dynamic, stereo, vivid and standard.

The system will carry a price tag of $ 199 only.


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