Here at SonyBrands, we think it’s time for a revamp in the theme and we’re giving our readers the opportunity to vote for the theme they like best. We’ve narrowed the choice down to two new themes and the current theme.

You can view each theme by clicking on the preview thumbnail. Each theme has been changed to a red version, which unfortunately, isn’t reflected in the preview images.

Theme A

Theme B

Theme C

[poll id=”2″]

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SonyBrands forums open

After thinking about adding to the forums for quite some time, we decided it was time we added them. We will be seeing how well the forums go, to see whether to continue with them. The forums are open and fully functional but, we will be adding things as we go. Come by and say “hello”.

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SonyBrands now has a Twitter and Facebook page. Come and join/follow us.

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SonyBrands turns one today, August 8th 2009. The site was started based on our love for Sony products and it hasn’t stopped. We’ve gone from strength to strength with more readers every month. Happy Birthday

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