sony ericsson firmware updates
An update for several Sony Ericsson handsets has been released. The update makes it the second update for the Sony Ericsson Satio and Sony Ericsson Aino. The Satio update brings in extra features, which allow you to upload to YouTube and Facebook. You can also shoot widescreen videos with WVGA and watch them in increased resolution (864×480). It’s also possible to connect the phone to gaming systems and home entertainment systems through DLNA. Unfortunately, there’s no information on whether this has fixed any of the ongoing issues with the handset. Let us know if you’ve noticed any differences/improvements after updating.

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The Satio may just be getting back on it’s feet and in stores again after firmware issues but, the handset is still getting bad press. A recent article on UK handsets shows the the Sony Ericsson Satio has the highest radiation emission compared to other handsets on the market. The Satio has about 1.5W/kg of radiation emission, while the next high emitter handset, comes in at 1.36W/KG, which is the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Of the top 10 highest radiation emitting handsets, four of the ten were Sony Ericsson phones, including the W595, W995 and T715.


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The Sony Ericsson Satio may be back on shelves after the firmware update, but many problems still persist. Here I’ll post the known issues and whether they were patched in the update.

  • Media limited to 3000 files – Fixed in latest update. Not sure if the limits been removed completely or increased, but I’ve found no problems so far. However, media files are now loading slower after the update.
  • Screen is blank when a phone call is received – Problem still persists after update. When I receive a phone call, the display stays black and so I can’t see who is calling me.
  • Phone vibrates 5 seconds before ringing – May not be an issue to some, but is causing problems for others, as is counted as a couple of rings from the callers end.
  • Lock and unlock – Phone locks and unlocks after the update.
  • Pay as You go customers get a zero balance – When using Google Maps, the phone says you need at least x amount of credit to use GPRS (minimum price dependant on network, am using O2 myself). Phone needs to be restarted for the balance to become correct again (have rang up before restart and told I have no credit, upon restart and a balance check, my correct balance shows).
  • Facebook App still missing.
  • Phone crashes or freezes when certain apps/games are launched. Never had an app make the phone crash or restart but am still having apps freeze the phone for a good minute.
  • Home Screen theme – Only the Sony Ericsson home screen themes shows correctly. With the latest firmware, it appears to still be an issue. However restoring all your settings on the phone, should fix it with the latest firmware. Because it didn’t fix it without resetting the settings the issue may crop up again.
  • Calls from one contact from different numbers still show one icon, so is unknown where the caller rang from.

Update: In May 2010, Sony Ericsson released a firmware update for the Satio, but reports are indicating that the Satio problems are still persisting, with new issues found in the firmware.

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While the Satio may be the first of Sony Ericsson’s Entertainment Unlimited range, the handset is actually quite opposite. If you’ve transferred previous photos and music over to your new Satio handset, like I have, depending on how much you transfer, you’ll shortly find that new pictures and videos do not show in the Media section, or on the navigation bar. At first it looks like the phone hasn’t saved the photos but, the files can be accessed through the File Manager. After a look around after experiencing this problem, I’ve find why the photos aren’t showing.

The Satio is limited to 3000 files in the Media section. Meaning once you have more than 3000 files, including music, photos and movies, the newer files will no longer show up unless viewing from the file manager. Sony Ericsson are aware of this and may fix it in a firmware update. Once the latest update is available for branded handsets, I’ll report back on if the limit has been removed, or if we’ll need to wait longer. For now, I suggest removing files you really don’t need on the handset, after backing them up of course.

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If you haven’t got hold of the Sony Ericsson Satio yet, you may have to wait a little longer. Several UK stores have pulled the phone from shelves over software issues and quality concerns. Certain applications will cause the phone to freeze, or shut down when launched. At the moment there isn’t a downloadable fix or firmware update for the handset. If however you’ve already got your Satio and are having problems, some stores are allowing customers to exchange their handset for another model.

The Nokia N97 has also been pulled from shelves leading us to believe it’s a Symbian OS issue rather than a Sony Ericsson build quality problem.

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