With the aim of strengthening its hold in the fast growing smart phone market in South Korea, Sony Ericsson has announced that it will sell the Xperia X 10 starting this month. The Android powered handset will be the second smart phone in the market from Sony.

“Korea is one of the most important markets for Sony Ericsson…and this market has a great potential for Sony Ericsson’s future growth” as the number of smart phone users has nearly doubled from the end of last year to 2 million by May this year, Hirokazu Ishizuka, head of the company’s Asia-Pacific region, said Thursday.

Sony is hoping that applications like Timescape will give the phone an edge over competitors like Apple, Samsung and LG which have already gained a strong foot hold in the market.

Sony Ericsson will partner South Korean telecom giants, SK Telecom Co. (SKM) to offer the phones. The device will carry a price tag of around KRW 800, 000 – KRW 900, 000 ($750).


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