With the Satio being taken off many UK stores shelves it’s not surprising Sony Ericsson have rolled out an update very quickly. Unfortunately though, the update only appears to be for unbranded handsets. Just Another Mobile Blog reports updating an unbranded Satio, while no update was found for a Vodafone handset, which I can also confirm. Hopefully the update will be available quickly for all Satio handsets. The update has reportedly made the phones respond faster.

While the update has been released, many stores still haven’t put the phone back on the shelves. Although it seems, from further information, the issues only appear to affect the black model, so if you’ve seen the Satio still on sale, like I have, it’s likely the silver version they’re selling. On the same note, the Aino did not get pulled from shelves as confirmed by a Sony Ericsson spokesperson.

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