There’s been numerous rumours in the past surrounding a PSP2 from Sony. Many thought that Sony’s next portable device after the PSP 3000, aka PSP Brite, would be the PSP2. Instead we found another “PSP1 model” to complete the range of PlayStation Portable devices, the PSPgo.

EA recently revealed in an interview that as developers, they had gained early access to the next gen portable gaming device from Sony. Patrick Soderland, Senior VP has added that ” “Obviously as a developer we have had that access but, I’m not allowed to talk about it.”

Unfortunately in what way the access was provided we don’t know, whether they were given just specifications, a prototype, or a near finished product. It’s quite possible that it would be either the specifications, or an early prototype that developers are given access to, as many believe that the PSP2 will not begin shipping until late 2011, in time for the holiday season.

When it launches it will have to compete with Nindendo’s DS, both DSi and 3D models, as well as Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone. Sony has led the way before in the portable gaming market but, will the PSP2 be enough to revive that energy and support that the original PSP had?

Sony haven’t confirmed the existence of a PlayStation Portable sequence and the above picture is one of many concept images of the PSP2.


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Sony recently announced that the PSPgo would recieve a price drop in the coming weeks but, only in the US and Japan. However, MCV have tracked down new information and Sony have now also confirmed to them that the PSPgo will be reduced in price in the UK too.

In Japan the PSPgo is to be reduced from 26,800 yen to 16,800 yen and in the US the Sony handheld will now cost $199, reduced $50 from the original $249 it was retailing at previously. The newly confirmed UK price drop will see £65 slashed off the current recommended retail price of £225, taking the PSPgo to £159.99 in UK stores.

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After seeing E3 2010 come and go without a hint of a PSP2 on show from Sony, chief Operating Officer for Capcom in Europe David Reeves has told, quite wisely, that he feels that Sony simply have to release a new PSP in order to keep up with Nintendo in the handheld market. As he is the former European Sony Computer Entertainment boss, he may just know what he is talking about too.

He also made reference to the PSPgo which unfortunately was a bit of a flop for Sony, despite recently offering customers 10 free games to download to the system. The PSPgo is perhaps successful enough for Sony but  not as, in Mr Reeves words, “shit hot” as Nintendo’s forays in handheld gaming whom he states “always get these things right”.

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As a part of its latest promotion plans, Sony is offering discounted and free titles on the PSP. As a part of this deal, games in the “Favorites” line will be available at a price of $9.99 and those in the “Greatest Hits” line will cost $19.99.

Sony has revealed the first set of titles in the “Favorites” line that will be offered at a discount. This list includes Ape Escape: On the loose, Twisted Metal: Head On, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow and LocoRoco 2 amongst other games.

Sony is simultaneously planning to offer other titles at a discount. These include Justice League Heroes, Manhunt 2, The Warriors and Sims 2. Games in the “Greatest Hits” line include Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet and Secret Agent Clank and these will be made available for $19.99

And this is not all. In another offer, if you purchase a PSP Go any time starting today till March 31st, 2011, you will receive a PlayStation Network voucher which entitles you to download 3 games for free.

With such offers up its sleeve, Sony sure has big plans for the PSP.


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In a bid to improve sales of the PSP Go, Sony has announced plans to offer 10 free game downloads. The free downloads are available to all users who registered their PSP after April 1, 2010.

“On PSPGo we’ve decided to innovate with that particular business model,” Sony Computer Entertainment UK sales director Mark Howsen told MCV. “Next month we’re launching a free ten game offer. And this isn’t just older titles–we’ve worked with third parties and there’s some really good core products.”

When the PSP Go was launched, it was expected to do good business. However, with a price tag of US$245, the PSP Go is a hefty premium over the $170 existing PSP. Moreover it isn’t much cheaper than the PlayStation 3 console, which costs $299.

Currently, each game download costs $10–15 and 10 free games means saving at least $100. The list of games that can be downloaded include 2010 FIFA World Cup, Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto, Assassins Creed: Bloodline and LittleBigPlanet.

Source: MCV

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