Yet again, Sony are to change the hard drive specifications of it’s PlayStation 3. The PS3 Slim is currently available with a 120GB hard drive or a 250GB hard drive and is only available in black. From July 29th onwards the PS3 Slim will be available with either a 160GB or 250GB hard drive, which should retail for $340 and $400 respectively. From then, the PS3 Slim will also be available in Classic White, as well as the current black. Unfortunately this will only be available in Japan but, hopefully Sony will reveal their plans for North America and PAL regions soon.

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The filings – put in under the alias of Sand Dollar Enterprise, the same one used when the company filed for the 250Gb PS3 Slim just after the announcement of Slim at GamesCom last August – are for hardware codenamed CECH-2101A and CECH-2101B.

There is no new HDD added, as well as nothing new added to the wireless specs of the console, which is currently 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth.

I wonder why they had to report to the FCC if they aren’t bringing anything new to the table? Well time will tell if we see something new or not.

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One month after the original PS3 slim was released, Sony are releasing a second slim model. This time round, the console packs more than twice as much storage with a 250GB hard drive instead of the 120GB. Bad news for anyone who’s already purchased the new PS3 slim though.
The 250GB model will be released on October 1st for £285 in the UK, making it only £35 more for the increased hard drive space.

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Since the PS3 was released, rumours were flying around from the start that Sony will release a slim model of the console, as they’ve done with all previous consoles. Sony have previously denied these rumours along with rumours of a price cut, but today we can confirm, both are true. The PS3 slim will be launching at the start of September. In the US it will retail for $299, $100 off the price of the current PS3, €299 in Europe and around £225 in the UK. The current PS3 model will also be reduced then from $399 down to $299.

The PS3 slim is 32% slimmer, 30% lighter and features a 120GB hard drive, which should be changeable like the current models. Linux however won’t be seen on the slim, as the “Install Other OS” feature has been removed, to concentrate on gaming and entertainment, such as Blu Ray movies.

Source: Pocket-Lint and GamerStyle

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