Software supremos Electronic Arts (EA) have stated in an interview with gaming trade magazine MCV, that they think that in the long term, the Sony PlayStation 3 can catch up with the Xbox 360 in terms of sales and popularity, in the UK marketplace.

“We could certainly see Sony come back – in the UK it’s still a head-to-head competition between PlayStation and Xbox, but on the continent Sony is traditionally stronger than Microsoft”

Senior vice president of EA in Europe Jens Uwe Intat made the prediction, although he also indicated that EA are happy to see the Xbox 360 and PS3 compete and that the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move controller hardware are “both very interesting ideas”.

The full interview can be found here on the MCV website.

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If you couldn’t wait for the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 to come out, which came out several months after the original, you’ll be out of luck if you were hoping to try the game with the upcoming Move. Sony have confirmed that only the Gold Edition will be able to support Move and a patch will be released through PSN near the time of the launch for the PlayStation Move. All Gold Editions of the game released after Move will come with support included on the disc. So if you were looking to try the game with Move, nows the time to try and trade the standard version in for the Gold version.

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For anyone in the UK, or anywhere really, apart from the US, the question on most people’s lips is “How much is the PS Move here?”. Well, we can now provide that answer for anyone in the UK. While stores like Game are allowing pre-orders for just a £10 deposit, they haven’t stated the final price. However you can now pre-order from Amazon, who have the prices listed.

The PlayStation Move controller will be available for £39.99 while the subcontroller will be £29.99. The prices are quite disappointing to be honest, when compared with the US prices but, it’s not really that unexpected. We will also be getting a bundle pack, aka the Move Starter kit, which includes the PlayStation Move controller, the PlayStation Eye and the demo disk. The Starter pack will be available for £49.99, the RRP however is £59.99.

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If you missed the E3 live stream, or haven’t gotten round to watching it yet, read our round up guide to see what you missed and what you should see.  The post includes details on: Killzone 3, 3D games, the PlayStation Move, Gran Turismo 5, InFamous 2, Twisted Metal, Upcoming PS3 games, Upcoming PSP games, Premium PSN, as well as the transcript logs, courtesy of GameSpot.

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Sony has announced that it will sponsor the 2010 Dew Tour. The tour is a series of five events which include skateboarding and freestyle motocross events amongst others.

Sony will set up tents where fans can catch the action. This will begin in late June with the Skate Open Skateboarding World Championships in Boston. The final event will the Dew Tour Championships this October in Las Vegas. In the tents, Sony plan to showcase their latest products and technology apart from hosting appearances from popular athletes from around the world.

Featured products include the PIIQ Headphones Line, TRIK Dock Speaker System, Sony bloggie Cameras and the PlayStation Move. Athletes who will appear as part of the promotions include Chaz Ortiz, Daniel Dhers and Ryan Decenzo.

The tour Schedule is as follows :

•           June 25-26, 2010: Boston, Skate Open, ISF™ Skateboarding World Championships

•           July 23-24, 2010: Chicago,  Nike 6.0™ BMX Open

•           August 12-15, 2010: Portland, Ore. Wendy’s™ Invitational

•           September 16-19, 2010: Salt Lake City,  Toyota™ Challenge

•           October 14–17, 2010: Las Vegas, Dew Tour Championships


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