Since the PS3 was released, rumours were flying around from the start that Sony will release a slim model of the console, as they’ve done with all previous consoles. Sony have previously denied these rumours along with rumours of a price cut, but today we can confirm, both are true. The PS3 slim will be launching at the start of September. In the US it will retail for $299, $100 off the price of the current PS3, €299 in Europe and around £225 in the UK. The current PS3 model will also be reduced then from $399 down to $299.

The PS3 slim is 32% slimmer, 30% lighter and features a 120GB hard drive, which should be changeable like the current models. Linux however won’t be seen on the slim, as the “Install Other OS” feature has been removed, to concentrate on gaming and entertainment, such as Blu Ray movies.

Source: Pocket-Lint and GamerStyle

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