Authoring tools and a player software package that will allow for the creation and play of custom Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns for the PC were released.

If you are looking to author a home grown campaign then look here for an update (available via Steam under the Tools heading). And, in case you were wondering, this new update works on mods for the original Left 4 Dead.

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Looks like something good is coming out of this patch for you WoW players for the latest expansion Wrath of the Lich King. The highlights of Patch 3.3 are as follows:

• Icecrown Citadel instance

• Three more five-man instances

• Cross-server Looking For Group (which means when you PUG you’ll be paired off with people from servers other than your own, which should make PUGing approximately 3 million times better, especially for lower level characters)

Looks like this game will never go away.

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Well you were warned about cheating and they have banned the ones that were caught. On the 27th a Twitter announcement was made confirming this. I guess we can wonder why people cheat but really they do and always will. I don’t get cheating against other people though as you are telling me you really aren’t that good to begin with.

2,500 though? That seems like a small number to me as I am sure there are more out there, I guess their turn will come.

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Many CoD-ers have been expressing fears that when they receive their copy of Modern Warfare 2 that they will be at the bottom of the barrel on the leadboards.  Robert Bowling of  Infinity Ward has let us all know that all will be reset , creating a fair playing field for all those who had to wait to play the game.

I am all for people getting games early, but not for the sake of getting ahead of everyone else.

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