SOCOM 4 Beta Killzone 3

Good news for PS3 gamers looking to pick up a copy of Killzone 3 – if you manage to get one of the ‘special’ copies then you will be given access to the BETA of the upcoming SOCOM 4 Mutiplayer extravaganza!

Just keep an eye out for the Killzone 3 game with the marked packaging that shows that that copy gives access to the BETA and you’re good to go. You get early access to the 32 player BETA of SOCOM 4 via a PlayStation Network code that is found in the game box. The code can be redeemed once the BETA is live.

Killzone 3 is released on February 22nd and the SOCOM 4 BETA servers are due to be taken live in mid March.

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If you missed the E3 live stream, or haven’t gotten round to watching it yet, read our round up guide to see what you missed and what you should see.  The post includes details on: Killzone 3, 3D games, the PlayStation Move, Gran Turismo 5, InFamous 2, Twisted Metal, Upcoming PS3 games, Upcoming PSP games, Premium PSN, as well as the transcript logs, courtesy of GameSpot.

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Killzone 3 announced

The fourth instalment in the Killzone series has been announced for the PS3. Killzone 3 which will be in 3D, is developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment is set to release in 2011.

The first person shooter is said to have a story similar to that of David and Goliath. It continues from where Killzone 2 ends and will feature Sev, the main protagonist. The game will give a deeper insight about the Heghan culture and will showcase whatever humanity they have left in them. The story will not be as dark as the previous one, though it will not be too light-hearted as it is a war game.

Guerilla is making strong efforts to develop a strong storyline and have also hired Hollywood actors for voice-overs. Though the gameplay will be similar to that of Killzone 2, there will be a lot of improvements. The game will take place in new environments such as Arctic landscapes, a lethal alien jungle and nuclear wastelands unlike the predecessors which took place in city environments. The game will also feature new move sets and weapons apart from a jet pack. The new set of weapons includes the “Wasp” which is a multi firing rocket launcher.

The trailer of the game looks promising. Check it out after the jump.

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Sony has announced InFamous 2 for the PS3. The sequel will feature lead character Cole McGrath. “Developer Sucker Punch Productions have improved every aspect of the game”, says Sony.

All the action in the sequel will take place in a new city called New Marais. The game will include new powers and a new gameplay.

Meanwhile, Sony is looking to make the best of the pre E3 announcements. They have revealed plans for titles like LittleBigPlanet 2, God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Killzone 3 apart from InFamous 2.  Sony sure have big plans !

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