kaz hirai

In a sneeky swipe at gaming rivals Nintendo, Kaz Hirai the president of Sony computer Entertainment has branded the glasses-free 3D technology that Nintendo have used in their 3DS handheld console as ‘imprecise’ and limited.

“In in-house research, naked eye 3D for portable machines is not high and there are presently limits for it.”

Although Mr Hirai hasn’t actually had his hands on a Nintendo 3DS yet, it looks as though Sony are setting out to undermine the 3DS before it gets close to release and perhaps with good reason as Sony are sure to have invested time and money into researching the technology themselves.


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According to a source at Engadget someone has completed a survey for Sony which details services planned for the non-compulsory ‘premium’ PlayStation Network package confirmed by Kaz Hirai.

I would think that PS3 owners who have had the service for free might be disinclined to pay for PSN services, the new scheme does boast an extensive number of new and appealing features. Extended console warranty, beta access, cross-game voice chat, loyalty programs and free access to PSOne Classics.

Again, nothing has been confirmed but it’s a possibility that this could all come about very soon for you PS3′ers.

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