Sony have today released their Personal Internet Viewer, the Sony Dash Stateside. You can pick the Sony Dash up from Best Buy stores, Sony Style website and stores, along with other retailers. The Sony Dash retails for $199. While some have compared it to the iPad, there’s quite a few things this device can’t do. At a quick glance, you can’t use the Sony Dash as an eBook reader, neither can you take it around the house with you, as it needs to be plugged in. It also isn’t possible to update your Facebook status or respond to emails but, you can view them. On the other hand, the Sony Dash can multi task and you can listen to music while browsing the web or using other apps. As well as surfing the web and listening to music, you can also watch movies on it, which makes it a good TV replacement for the kitchen. You can also use headphones with it, view it horizontally or vertically and use it as an alarm clock.

Sony have also produced their own unboxing video of the Sony Dash, with users videos sure to follow. You can view Sony’s unboxing video after the jump.

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