Sony have been hit with a fourth Class Action Lawsuit over the removal of the “Other OS” function. On April 27th, Anthony Ventura from California filed a lawsuit over the removal of the option. In the following days, separate owners also filed similar complaints on April 30th and May 5th. The fourth lawsuit comes from Keith Wright, California who likewise has filed a lawsuit over the removal of the feature.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out for Sony, with the possibility of more consumers appealing. Only users who bought a PS3 “phat” between November 17th 2006 and March 27th 2010 are included in the class suit. It also notes you must not have sold your PS3 before March 27th 2010.

The suit aims to claim for the sum of the PS3 along with injunction relief and other damages.


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April the 1st saw the release of an official system update for the PlayStation 3, an update which has landed Sony in hot water with one disgruntled customer. The update – v3.21 disabled the ‘install other OS’ facility which basically blocked the ability to install the Linux OS on any PS3, although this feature was available on all but the ‘slim’ versions of the PlayStation 3 prior to the update.

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