The all encompassed upcoming phone from Sony Ericsson, the Idou, has been photographed more by the folks over at Planete Nokia. The photos show the Idou in more angles, as well as the stylus and with the phone turned on. The touch screen 12 megapixel phone runs on the Symbian OS and will be released in the second half of 2009.

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After the recent announcement from Sony Ericsson about the Idou, Ubergizmo – who shared the news –  have had a chance to snap some photos of the upcoming device.

The Idou, as it’s currently called, may when it’s released go by a different name according to the screenshots. Further information about the Idou has also been released, including information about the shipping date. It is expected to be released within the second half of 2009. As well as it’s impressive screen size, it’s also confirmed that the screen is actually a touch screen, allowing ease of use when it comes to the multimedia features.

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Sony Ericsson have announced at Mobile World Congress that they are to release a phone combining both the Cybershot and Walkman features into one device, the Idou. The Idou will feature the next leap in the Cybershot category and have an impressive 12.1 megapixel camera. The phone will feature a 3.5 inch display with a 16:9 resolution, giving you a great viewing experience of your photos and videos. As well as the great camera upgrade, it will feature all the capabilities of the Walkman range. Idou also falls into the smartphone range as it’s powered by Symbian Foundation.

It was also hinted that this device could be very good with mobile gaming, with reference to their “legacy”, which UberGizmo take as a reference to the Sony PS3 and Playstation Portable. The device will also be able to connect to other devices with it’s DLNA connectivity. DLNA is found on PCs, network storage, set top boxes, as well as the PS3 and PSP.

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