Tomorrow you can look forward to the Dark Void demo coming to PSN. Capcom’s science-fiction, third-person shooter is coming in under the radar for a lot of people. I have been looking at this game for awhile now and I’m intrigued about this third person shooter where you spend a lot of time flying and using jetpacks.

Well I guess I will get my chance like the rest of you this Thursday. Check it out and let me know what you think?

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Authoring tools and a player software package that will allow for the creation and play of custom Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns for the PC were released.

If you are looking to author a home grown campaign then look here for an update (available via Steam under the Tools heading). And, in case you were wondering, this new update works on mods for the original Left 4 Dead.

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Well here you go my fellow gamers, Electronic Arts has released Dante’s Inferno Demo for us to download. You can search for it on Xbox Live or you can queue it up right from here.

Here are the details on Dante’s Inferno from xbox.com:
“Based on part one of Dante Alighieri’s classic poem “The Divine Comedy”, you play as Dante on his descent through the 9 circles of Hell: limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery, on a mission to rescue the soul of his beloved Beatrice. Armed with Death’s Scythe, Beatrice’s Holy Cross and magic powers, battle large scale beasts and bosses, some of which Dante will be able to fully tame to throw back Hell’s wrath to its minions, all at a fluid, fast-paced 60 frames per second.”

This demo is also available on Playstation 3 for download.

Looks to be a promising title.

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If your into fantasy RPG’s you should check out Divinity 2: Ego Draconis. A demo for the Divine Divinity sequel is now available on Xbox Live everywhere, with the exception of Japan.

A little about Divinity 2: Ego Draconis from dtp entertainment AG and Larian Studios:

Divinity 2: Ego Draconis is a ground breaking, story-based action role playing game that combines a truly stunning, free roaming world just waiting to be explored, with exhilarating aerial and ground based combat.

Get up close and personal in human form – exploring dungeons, grabbing loot and putting the hurt on the many evil denizens of Rivellon – or take to the skies by shape-shifting into a mighty Dragon to explore the mountain peaks and deliver fiery death from above!

You will build your character from the ground up, and continue customizing as you gain experience. We want you to be able to define a unique Dragon Knight and create your own legend in the world of Divinity II.

The shape-shifting element is an important part of the game because it allows a whole new viewpoint on the world, as well as an exciting new form of combat. We hope that you will also appreciate the shock factor of a Dragon Slayer actually becoming a Dragon Knight! You’ll hear more about all of this soon!

We have built the game around a multifaceted quest structure, to make sure that you’re in the centre of the adventure and creating your own unique story. We are making Divinity II the game that we, as fans of the big epic role playing games, have always wanted to play. We believe you should be able to explore a world from ground level up and not be restricted to linked sections of the environment. We have strived to make sure that the game delivers a seamless and exciting RPG experience that both the fans of the classic series and new players will love.

The team here at Larian has been working very hard to bring you an exceptional fantasy RPG, which is nearly ready – so check out this website on Divinity Wednesdays for new updates and features!
Benoît Louzas

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For my PC gamers get your 1.77GB download courtesy of Big Download.

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