SOCOM 4 Beta Killzone 3

Good news for PS3 gamers looking to pick up a copy of Killzone 3 – if you manage to get one of the ‘special’ copies then you will be given access to the BETA of the upcoming SOCOM 4 Mutiplayer extravaganza!

Just keep an eye out for the Killzone 3 game with the marked packaging that shows that that copy gives access to the BETA and you’re good to go. You get early access to the 32 player BETA of SOCOM 4 via a PlayStation Network code that is found in the game box. The code can be redeemed once the BETA is live.

Killzone 3 is released on February 22nd and the SOCOM 4 BETA servers are due to be taken live in mid March.

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This is exciting news for PS3 owners. Gordon Vandyke Associate Producer of the game announced that The multiplayer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 starts November 19, exclusively for the PS3.  You can check the announcement out here

According to the announcement from EA Games the players are going to enjoy the huge “Arica Harbour” map using “Rush” game mode in which 24 players compete to secure valuable crates using vehicles and infantry combat. The full game will feature four multiplayer modes. You can get the key to access the beta by pre-ordering the game at selected retailers.

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