Sony have announced that the company plan to release 3D TVs in Japan starting from June 10th with the rest of the world, also to receive the 3D TV sets around the same time. Initially, Sony will release two TVs, a 40 inch model and a 46 inch model, which will retail for 290,000 Yen ($3215) and 350,000 Yen ($3898) respectively. Each TV will include two pairs of 3D glasses.

From July, 6 more models will be released. One will be a 40 inch set and another a 46 inch model. The other four, will not include the 3D glasses or 3D emitter and must be purchased separately. The cheapest of these models, will be a 40 inch display set, which will retail for 220,000 and glasses will cost 12,000 Yen, while the 3D infrared emitter is priced at 5,000 Yen.

A firmware update for the PS3 will also come out around the same time, adding 3D support.

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