One of my favourite series is going to be released for the PSP. Game developer Project Aces is bringing the game to the PSP, with over 40 aircraft, a campaign mode, multiplayer online modes, real-world locations, and visuals you have come to expect from the Ace Combat game series.

Here’s some details from Namco:

“Take to the skies and reign supreme as a top Ace pilot in a variety of ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT’S action-packed adversarial and team-based multiplayer modes via ad hoc or infrastructure. Team up with three friends to take down the forces of evil in campaign mode, featuring the specially designed Joint Assault Mission System. Players break off into two teams and simultaneously complete objectives on two separate maps. Objectives completed on one map will affect battle conditions on the other. ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT also includes intense eight-player adversarial matches across a variety of locations. Strategic planning and a steady aim will be paramount to your victory as advanced aircrafts screech through the sky with only one objective in mind – taking you out of it.”

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