Since getting my Sony Ericsson Satio, one complaint I’ve had so far, is the battery life. It reminds me of an old Motorola I used to have, which needed charging every 16-24 hours, 22-26 if I didn’t use it at all. OK, so the Satio may not be that bad but, I’m used to my phones lasting 2-3 days without a charge, regardless of usage. The Satio, I’ve charged three times since getting it, with the battery lasting around 36 hours. After looking into it, it seems the Satio ships with a 1000 mAh battery, which is rather low, considering that the phone is a high end device and part of the Entertainment Unlimited range. Unfortunately, you’re time using the entertainment is limited. Anders Westin, head of Sony Ericsson Software Relations was quized on the battery life recently and replied “don’t you mean 1,350 mAh?” before showing his Satio’s battery off.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to see this as end users, it would have made the phone much better than it already is, as I know I’ll be watching the battery on it while taking photos and listening to music. The higher capacity battery however, is currently not available to purchase from Sony Ericsson. eBay and third parties also don’t appear to have the battery, apart from the standard 1000 (which state the standard battery is 600 mAh), or 900 mAh.


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The Sony Xperia X1 will allow many different devices to connect to it which means the accessories market is bound to be overflowing for the new smartphone. This includes a USB connection, which allows you to connect your phone to your computer and transfer your image of video files and share with friends and family. You can also charge your phone, by plugging your phone into your computer using USB. The X1 is also compatible with digital photo frames, which allows for easy and fast transfering of photos to display in the home or around your workplace. There are also numerous pouches, covers and carrying cases available from Sony built specifically for the X1 and of course, those third party accessories will be available too.

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