Sony’s 3D ad Campaign

Sony UK has started promoting the new Bravia which comes with 3D technology with an interesting and unorthodox commercial. The ad is just a blur as it is entirely in 3D. The new 3D glasses which use advanced Active Shutter technology are needed to view the commercial.

The commercial features football star Kaka and runs in a fake 3D style. The ad shows shots of a teams training session which goes all wrong , scenes of excited women running, a grimacing bodybuilder, a sports car doing a burnout and a shattering trophy cabinet. This is then followed by a shot which shows Kaka shooting into an empty goal which explodes.

With this ad, the electronic giants are promoting their 3D technology which will feature in both, the Bravia as well as the PS 3.

“Do not adjust your set. Maybe it’s time to get a 3D TV.”


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  1. That’s a pretty innovative advert. I really like it :).


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