Sony Reveal Plans for 16.4 Mega Pixel Phone Camera Sensor

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Sony have unveiled their plan to create a whopping 16.4MP camera sensor which is specifically designed for use on mobile phone handsets which is exciting news for those of us that use their phone cameras as their primary cameras.

The IMX081PQ is an Exmor R based CMOS sensor and uses a back illumination to reduce noise in photographs. This technology is usually found in still cameras and camcorders in Sonys range of products. The IMX081PQ allows for 1080p video creation.

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Also revealed was the IMX105PQ which is an 8.13MP sensor which uses similar technology but, will be used in smaller handsets by Sony and potentially by other mobile phone manufacturers in the future.

Initial production of the sensors isn’t due to begin until Q1 of 2011 and a few sample images can be found at the via link below which takes you to the full Sony press release for the new camera sensors also.


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  1. I remember when I was excited over a 3.2 mega pixel camera on the k800 phone. This is amazing news.

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