Sony Ericsson release Xperia X1 Panel Certification program


For all panel creators, whether personal or developer, all panels created can now be certified using the Xperia Panel Certification Program. The program allows panel creators to see if their panel passes performance and quality tests. If the panel passes, then developers are able to use the “Certified for Xperia X1” logo on any marketing. The certification is also now needed for any panels submitted via promotional activities for Sony Ericsson or any distribution through Sony Ericsson channels.

The program can certify both Native and Web panels for the X1, but both panel types have different requirements to meet the certification and it’s advised that you check the requirements before proceeding further. You can view more information, as well as download the documents from Sony Ericsson. The program, while it determines if the panel meets the Xperia panel requirements, the certification process for Microsoft Mobile2Market is different and information is available from Intertek NSTL.

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  1. Brilliant idea, this certainly will help a lot in imporving using experience. I went to the SE offical website but couldn’t find the relative information, then i googled it, still found no further information. BTW, thougn i am a big fan of SE and the SE X1,i have to admit that the UI of X1 is hardly thumb-optimized.


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