Sony Ericsson “clear up” Satio battery as misunderstanding

Remember Ander’s Satio, with a 1350mAh battery? Well Last100 received an email and a call from Sony Ericsson, to explain that this had been a misunderstanding. Apparently, it is a 1000mAh battery but, the first 0 had been half scraped off, making it look like a 3. Obviously, the second 0 must have also been partly scraped off to look like a 5. Not forgetting, that the battery is under the battery cover most of the time, except when changing batteries or sim card. Which unless it’s had a new sim card in every few minutes, it’s very hard to believe that it really was a 1000mAh battery.



  1. this is my third contreact with 3g …ive got the satio and , the battery is rubbish …and i cant get ANY help from 333, being disabled this was a present to me… my daughter has been told by g3 to go run to all different shops , and in other words , at 3 weeks old this phones battery is absolutely useless…and they cant sell me one , or tell me where to get a decent as a diabled pensioner …im cancelling contract , and to heck with them ……
    coralie spencer

  2. I’ve personally just sold my Satio and got an iPhone instead, much easier to use and battery life is better. Losing the 12 megapixel camera though, I had to have that, so have gone out and bought a separate camera. One thing I will say about the battery on the Satio, for the first few days to a week, the battery was rubbish, however since then, the battery has been better and lasted 2-3 days, which I could cope with, rather than every day. I don’t know about 3 but, many companies were offering an exchange on the handset. But, if you can cancel the contract, do so while you still can and I suggest getting a different phone. The problems will most likely be fixed, but it depends how long you’ll have to wait, or rather, how long you can wait.

  3. I am facing the same problem with the battery I had a spare battery with me when I
    leave home but that should not be the case. I can’t understand why the people in sony
    ericsson never measure the power consumtion of this phone and use the right batteries? DAMN!!

  4. Ricardo Botelho

    Greetings. I was one of the first persons to have a satio in Portugal and i must have been lucky because my battery lasts two and a half,3 days. But two friends of mine have bougth also the satio and their battery won´t last a day!!!

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