Sony Distribution rising from the ashes

fire dadc sony

After the huge fire that destroyed the Sony DADC distribution centre in Enfield during the recent UK riots on the 8th of August, Sony distribution has today announced that in partnership with fellow distributors Cert Octavian and Cinram, they are back up and running with their distribution services.

“Within an hour after the incident at Enfield, Sony DADC’s Disaster Recovery Plan was in place and enabled a crisis team to start action.

As quickly as August 9th, we started to re-manufacture destroyed product and expanded direct-to-retail shipments form our Southware production facility, which was not affected by the riots.

Our supply chain IT solution proved to be a robust and a strong backbone. By utilizing a multi-site approach, it guaranteed that not a single order or Electronic Data Interchange was lost, and all IT systems and services were up and running and not affected by the fires.

The level of support we have received from our customers, Sony affiliate companies, local distribution centres and other companies from within the industry has been remarkable. Without it, such a fast reaction to market demands would not have been achieved” – Darren Houghton, Managing Director, Sony DADC.

The two partners have given up warehouse space to Sony which means that products usually moving out of the Enfield site will now be dealt with in Hertfordshire and other services will be run from a site in Buckinghamshire.


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