Sony Digital Reader Book

Have you ever had the trouble of wanting to bring all your books but you cannot because of limited space or you simply can’t carry them? Are you tired of bringing dozens of books at a time across the campus every time you have a class? Is there a way to make all these books compact? Truth is there was no alternative to these problems before. Sony has heard the cries and has provided a solution. This new product is another innovation and would be really helpful to those who face the problems above.

The Sony Digital Reader Book, a new and revolutionary way to keep and organize all your books and ebooks. It can hold hundreds of ebooks with its internal memory and hundreds more with an external memory card. It is an ultra portable device which lets you basically carry hundreds of books in your backpack, hand bag or pocket. The display is also impressive as it displays paper like quality and not the usual LCD like screen from other devices which tend to tire your eyes quickly. No longer would you have to carry and store lots of books in your house or room. Now you wouldn’t need a bookshelf. All you need is the Sony Digital Reader Book to store all your favourite books and other books you need. Plus, its not just an ebooks reader, you can also store PDF format files in it, word document files and text files so you have flexibility in the files you use in your digital reader book.

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