Satio problems listed


The Sony Ericsson Satio may be back on shelves after the firmware update, but many problems still persist. Here I’ll post the known issues and whether they were patched in the update.

  • Media limited to 3000 files – Fixed in latest update. Not sure if the limits been removed completely or increased, but I’ve found no problems so far. However, media files are now loading slower after the update.
  • Screen is blank when a phone call is received – Problem still persists after update. When I receive a phone call, the display stays black and so I can’t see who is calling me.
  • Phone vibrates 5 seconds before ringing – May not be an issue to some, but is causing problems for others, as is counted as a couple of rings from the callers end.
  • Lock and unlock – Phone locks and unlocks after the update.
  • Pay as You go customers get a zero balance – When using Google Maps, the phone says you need at least x amount of credit to use GPRS (minimum price dependant on network, am using O2 myself). Phone needs to be restarted for the balance to become correct again (have rang up before restart and told I have no credit, upon restart and a balance check, my correct balance shows).
  • Facebook App still missing.
  • Phone crashes or freezes when certain apps/games are launched. Never had an app make the phone crash or restart but am still having apps freeze the phone for a good minute.
  • Home Screen theme – Only the Sony Ericsson home screen themes shows correctly. With the latest firmware, it appears to still be an issue. However restoring all your settings on the phone, should fix it with the latest firmware. Because it didn’t fix it without resetting the settings the issue may crop up again.
  • Calls from one contact from different numbers still show one icon, so is unknown where the caller rang from.

Update: In May 2010, Sony Ericsson released a firmware update for the Satio, but reports are indicating that the Satio problems are still persisting, with new issues found in the firmware.


  1. I have a brand new Satio. I have searched on the web and haven’t yet found an answer to this problem. When I am playing a large audio file (a podcast for example) and receive a call, after hanging up the file starts playing from the beginning. In previous phones I had, the file would pause and continue from the same place after the call is finished.
    This is a large issue for me, since some files that I am listening to can be 2 hours long, so losing the place can be very frustrating.

  2. I own a SE Satio phone, everything was great till yesterday, that the unlock key started to give problems, it just doesn’t unlock the phone, sometime it works but most of the time it doesn’t and when it works it turns the camera on. I’ve tried resetting the phone, back to the factory settings then updating, but still nothing. Any advice

  3. Where are all these apps that were advertised, like seriously it was going to have heaps of cools apps, I should have got a Iphone, not happy

  4. As much as I love Sony, I sold the Satio and did get an iphone. I really do miss the camera on it though. The main thing that sucks on the iphone. That and lack of multi tasking but if jailbroken there’s apps to solve it.

  5. Leigh-anne

    The camera switches it self on . and the other day my lock switch wasnt working so i turnd the phone off ad turned itbackk on but the thing is that it turns on but the screen stays whitee ??

    • Hey, sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having. The only thing I can suggest is restoring it which I believe can be done through the Sony Ericsson Update Service. There’s also an update for the Satio which is worth installing. It brings in quite a few new features. Unfortunately it doesn’t say if the ongoing problems have been fixed. You can find more info on the update here:

      Let us know how you get on with the update and whether it solves the problem(s).

  6. Lchan

    Cannot set up email now since i did an update service. Noticed new features but seemed to be worse now that i did an update. Not happy with phone now.

  7. I am trying to find an auto answer option for my bluetooth car kit, I have found the headset auto answer and activated it but it does not work for the car kit….can anyone help??

  8. Stuart Benney

    The Satio is the worst phone I have ever had the misfortune to own. Wont sync with my mac. Geotaging is beyond a joke. Wont access WIFI. Sony’s back up is appauling.

    If anyone reading this is thinking of getting an iphone, go to your local Apple Store, or maybe get a Nokia, Samsung, 2 paper cups and a piece of string … a CB, learn Morse Code ANYTHING but the Satio!!!

  9. Warmonkey

    Well, first day I have my Satio, and it gives me a few problems. When I run a program like Opera Mini, and “minimize” it to do something else on the phone, the enter screen goes black, and then just a string of other problems occur.

    When the above happens, and I try to use my camera, the screen remains white, and the only way to get it working again is to go back to the application I had open.

    Also, when I unlock the phone, the screen remains black for about two seconds.
    Are these common errors? Or did I get a broken Satio? The guarantee ends Monday, and would like an answer before then.

    Thanks you very much.

  10. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I just updated my satio from the sony-ericsson website and now my wifi has stoped working. It will show all available wifi links but when i try to connect it just tells me it cant find any. I never had any big problems like this one until the update . Thanks

  11. Had my satio for 3 month now, it was working ok, I liked the phone but it would be a bit tempramental at times which is irritating, yesterday i rebooted phone to clear the cache and its dead, half of the options work i.e. i can take pictures, but it wont open any apps or search for a network, so basically I now have a camera. yey.

    I will never get another sony ericcson phone, they are shockingly bad.

  12. Stephen

    Always had Nokia but like the look of the Satio. Had it for a year now but it is so slow, some calls have echo, and occasionally the screen freezes or just goes black. Thought I’d update the software but the SE Update Service does not work. Seems I’ve been lucky it didn’t work coz looks like it causes more problems that it solves. Have decided to trade in my phone and go back to Nokia. SE and the Satio are shit! Only good thing about it is the camera but definitely the worst phone I’ve ever had. Never again SE.

  13. Hey…. If your getting a blank screen when in coming calls happen…. it only happens to me when my phone is in its leather case so I suggest you check your case, next to the speaker on the left hand side is a sensor, also below light. I found since making my case hole bigger I no longer have this problem….

  14. free Spirit

    Well Im really worried now! I have just been given the S/E Satio to replace my S/E C905 which developed a software problem within 6 months and was not repairable.
    Sounds like ive got another load of trouble.. OH BOY WHAT JOY!!!!

  15. hi guys ^.^ ,, i have a problem on my satio.
    i had movies and pictures i captured with the camera, every thing was good i can watch movies and i can see the pictures.
    THE MOVIES AND THE PICTURES DISSAPEARED but the size of them still exist.
    please help me…

  16. hi my satio is creating sum problem since 1 month.. it closes all the application which are working on memory get the sign that “it is unsafe to remove memory card” to resolve this problem i’v 2 shutdwn the phone and make it restart again… this is really makkiNG me mad .. plzz help me out

  17. bottom652

    hi there,

    i have a satio, everything was working fine, but now i seem to have an issue with texting, it seems that i can no longer send txts, i can recieve them, have contacted service provider and they say its not them…… anyone else experiancing this?????

  18. bottom652

    hi there,

    i have a satio, everything was working fine until the otherday, now i find that i cannot send txts, although i can recieve them, i have contacted my service provider and they say that it isnt them….has anyone else had this problem??????

  19. rakesh gharat

    i have satio it was working fine but now after 1year it started giving me problems like wifi keeps on searching whole day, radio cant scan nor can tune it freezes, Bluetooth cant turn on, gps moves automatically even if i an standing still, told se about ut they told to do master reset n service test, still no improvement nor update has solved any problems, already it was having worst os now this problems had made me disappointed, n making me feel that Sony doesn’t care about quality and service to costumer any more so they r making such a worst phone for such high price , i hope i will get android on this such high end phone lets see


  1. Sony Ericsson Satio problems still persist - [...] persisted for me and for many others. Since then we’ve also had many people looking out our Satio problems…

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