Satio has it’s entertainment limited


While the Satio may be the first of Sony Ericsson’s Entertainment Unlimited range, the handset is actually quite opposite. If you’ve transferred previous photos and music over to your new Satio handset, like I have, depending on how much you transfer, you’ll shortly find that new pictures and videos do not show in the Media section, or on the navigation bar. At first it looks like the phone hasn’t saved the photos but, the files can be accessed through the File Manager. After a look around after experiencing this problem, I’ve find why the photos aren’t showing.

The Satio is limited to 3000 files in the Media section. Meaning once you have more than 3000 files, including music, photos and movies, the newer files will no longer show up unless viewing from the file manager. Sony Ericsson are aware of this and may fix it in a firmware update. Once the latest update is available for branded handsets, I’ll report back on if the limit has been removed, or if we’ll need to wait longer. For now, I suggest removing files you really don’t need on the handset, after backing them up of course.

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