Rollable OLED display from Sony

Sony OLED display

Sony has unveiled an ultra thin flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) display. The OLED display is a mere 80 µm (micrometers) thick, which is less than a strand of hair. It measures 4.1 inches and can be rolled around a cylinder. A prototype measuring 2.5 inches had been unveiled as early as May 2007. However it had only a fraction of the flexibility of the newly launched gadget.

The OLED has a resolution of 121 pixels per inch (ppi) and is capable of displaying 16,777,216 colors. The display is OTFT driven and has a contrast ratio of less than 1000:1. The OLED is capable of being rolled up around a cylinder of radius 4mm. The display is fully functional when rolled and stretched, which is the first of its kind.


Size of a panel : 4.1 inch wide
Number of pixels : 432 x 240 x RGB pixels
Size of a pixel : 210µm x 210µm
Resolution : 121 ppi (pixels per inch)
Number of colors : 16,777,216
Peak luminance : >100 cd/m2
Contrast ratio : >1000:1
Minimum bending radius : 4 mm
Driving scheme : 2T-1C voltage programming with OTFTs
Thickness of a panel : 80µm




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