PSP 2 Coming before Christmas 2011?


Gaming website VG247 have declared that the ‘official’ release date for the next incarnation of the PlayStation handheld device, the PSP 2, will be “in time for Christmas 2011”.

Sony themselves have said nothing about a firm release date of a PSP 2 but, it they intend continuing with their PlayStation Portable gaming range then the PSP 2 will come at some point and a pre-holiday release would seem to make sense.

Apparently developers and publishers have been informed about the release date and the VG247 source told them that, “We’ve been told it’s coming in late 2011”. We will wait for the official word before getting too excited however.


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  1. I still have a phat psp :D. If the PSP2 is hackable then Sony will sell loads of them!


  1. EA confirm there is a PSP2 in the works | Sony Brands - [...] that developers are given access to, as many believe that the PSP2 will not begin shipping until late 2011,…

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