PSN crosses 50 million user mark

Sony Computer Entertainment said that the number of registered accounts on the PlayStation Network (PSN) has crossed the 50 million mark around the globe. These are latest figures as of 14th June 2010.

The PSN has expanded globally since its launch in November 2006 and offers services in more than 58 countries worldwide. The first year saw less than 6 million users. It took a year and eight months to touch the 10 million mark. The third year saw rapid growth and the PSN had clocked 20 million users in two years and three months from its launch and this grew to 50 million in just three years and eight months.

The introduction of the new PS3 and the smart cost cut has further boosted the member count. Now it only remains to be seen how long it will take for the PSN to have 100 million users.


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