PS3 update removes OtherOS option, work around found and partial refund

Sony have released an update for the PlayStation 3, which has caused quite a stir. The 3.21 update removes the ability to install another operating system, though the “OtherOS” option. If you don’t update, you lose the ability to connect to the PSN network. Fortunately, if you have updated, or need to update but, want to keep your Linux install on your PS3, there is a work around. Geohot, famous for his simple iPhone jailbreak, has found a way around the update, in the form of a custom firmware. Unfortunately there’s no information on when he’ll be releasing it to the public. However there is currently a work around available:

– On your PS3, sign out of PSN
– Download and install PS3.ProxyServer.GUI here:
– It doesn’t create shortcuts so navigate to C:\Program Files\CF3B5\PS3.ProxyServer and run PS3.ProxyServer.GUI.exe
– Type your current LOCAL IP ADDRESS (probably 192.168.*.*), you can leave the port as 8080, check PS3 Mode
– Whatever port you use must be open on your router, so if 8080 is blocked, open it now
– Go to the Replace Files tab and click Add
– In the left box, paste this address:…st/us/ps3- updatelist.txt
– In the right box, click browse and find your LOCAL COPY of the 3.15 ps3-updatelist.txt file, download from here:
– Back to the Proxy Settings tab, click Start
– From your PS3’s XMB, go to Settings, Network Settings, then Internet Connection Settings
– Keep everything the way you have it configured now except for the Proxy Server option, make sure you click Use
– Type the IP address and port number to your local computer (from step 4 above)
– Finish configuring, test connection, make sure it connects
– That’s it. If the connection test works, you can now sign into PSN with 3.15 and bypass the 3.21 firmware check
– Note that you must keep PS3.ProxyServer.GUI running when you want to use your PS3 until we get Custom Firmware


If you haven’t updated yet, there is also a way to still access the PSN network:

You don’t have to update to fw 3.21 to use the PSN. Just enter the following
DNS — — into your PS3 under Network Settings. The server fakes
the authentication and hands the connection back to your PS3 shortly thereafter.
No proxy needed.


In the UK, a moderator of neogaf, has emailed Amazon to explain that, because of the new firmware and the removal of the OtherOS option, it no longer fits the description when originally purchased and violates European law Directive 1999/44/EC, specifically “be fit for the purpose which the consumer requires them and which was made known to the seller at the time of purchase.” The said PS3 model, was an original PS3 60GB and therefore out of warranty but, Amazon refunded him £84 including tax, which is around 20% of the value he paid. I also purchased a PS3 from Amazon, a 60GB model, so have contacted them and am awaiting a response.

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  1. well for the time being i have found something to bypass this update. I re-posted it on my site here’s the link

    follow this and you’ll be good to go at least until Sony requires at least 3.21 for there games or until they restore the feature


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