Photos of Sony Ericsson’s Idou


After the recent announcement from Sony Ericsson about the Idou, Ubergizmo – who shared the news –  have had a chance to snap some photos of the upcoming device.

The Idou, as it’s currently called, may when it’s released go by a different name according to the screenshots. Further information about the Idou has also been released, including information about the shipping date. It is expected to be released within the second half of 2009. As well as it’s impressive screen size, it’s also confirmed that the screen is actually a touch screen, allowing ease of use when it comes to the multimedia features.

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  1. I read so many bad reviews for this about it being an old baretty and dying super fast, so i didn’t expect much when i bought this. However! to my pleasant surprise, it wasn’t what was pictured at the top. At the top, you can see that it’s made in 2004 because the 04 but i actually got a 2008 model (made in the 48th week of the year). Also, the picture is a 900 Amh, but the product I got was 950 Amh, just like my original baretty. Not sure if my case is out of the ordinary, but I was very very happy and it works amazingly. i don’t need to charge it for at least 3 days with normal use.

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