The Sony Tablet S now has a release date and pricing information in the UK. Sony’s first tablet the Tablet S, previously known as the S1 will be available in the UK from Friday September 16th. Pricing starts at £399 for the 10 inch tablet.

There are three different configuration options for the Sony Tablet S. With 16GB internal storage and Wifi only, the tablet will cost £399. With Wifi and 3G the tablet is an extra £100 and will retail for £499. Sony have priced the 32GB Wifi model at £479.

You can pre-order the Sony Tablet S through various retailers including Sony themselves and the Dixons group which includes PC World and Currys.

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Sony are set to release their first two tablets into the market next month. Previously known as the S1, the tablet features a 9.4 inch display and Android 3.1 aka Honeycomb, while the S2 will feature two 5.5 inch screens and Honeycomb as well.

Sony have now named the S1 tablet the “Sony Tablet S”. It’s unknown at the moment what Sony have named the other tablet, or if they’ve changed it at all from the S2.

Both tablets are due to go on sale in the first weeks of September but, it’s not definite. Also there is no pricing information surrounding either tablet at the moment but, hopefully this will become known shortly.

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While this may not be the most flexible OLED display we’ve seen, this new OLED panel from Sony will delivery higher quality images, with enhanced glitch free brightness. The panel is in the form of a 9.9 inch display, which outputs images in a 960×540 resolution, while having a 96% color gamut. It also has a Self-Aligned Top-Gate FTF, which reduces disparities in luminosity.

The manufacturing process is now completed in four parts, which lowers the parasitic capacitance between the gate electrode and the TFT, thus bringing higher quality images compared to other OLED displays. As well as this, Sony have also shortened the TFT’s channel length which will make it easier to use the technology and adapt it for larger screens with higher resolutions.

Sony haven’t provided any release information on this prototype but, hopefully it will be reasonable priced like other OLEDs from Sony.

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Sony has revealed an all in one Surround Sound System for the PlayStation 3. The system will be launched in Japan, North America, Europe and Asian regions in fall this year. It has a sleek and casual design which reduces storage space and comes with a built in sub-woofer.

The CECH-ZVS1 uses high end technology like the S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound which delivers rich sound and creates a dynamic sound environment. The speakers have been designed to provide users with a real cinematic experience of all forms of entertainment.

The Sound System carries two audio inputs, an Optical audio input and an analog audio input. The optical audio input is use d for connecting devices like the PS3, while the analog input is used to connect portable devices like the PSP. The CECH- ZVS1 is compatible with several formats like Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG-2 AAC and Linear PCM.  The amplifier has 10W per channel, and 15W + 15W for the subwoofer.

The system also offers features like night mode and dialog mode. Night mode enables users to enjoy sound effects even at low volumes. The dialog mode enhances in-game speech and narration.

Users will have to keep the speakers in front of the TV and connect it to the PS3 with the help of an optical cable. The system provides four sound fields; dynamic, stereo, vivid and standard.

The system will carry a price tag of $ 199 only.


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Sony has announced that it will sponsor the 2010 Dew Tour. The tour is a series of five events which include skateboarding and freestyle motocross events amongst others.

Sony will set up tents where fans can catch the action. This will begin in late June with the Skate Open Skateboarding World Championships in Boston. The final event will the Dew Tour Championships this October in Las Vegas. In the tents, Sony plan to showcase their latest products and technology apart from hosting appearances from popular athletes from around the world.

Featured products include the PIIQ Headphones Line, TRIK Dock Speaker System, Sony bloggie Cameras and the PlayStation Move. Athletes who will appear as part of the promotions include Chaz Ortiz, Daniel Dhers and Ryan Decenzo.

The tour Schedule is as follows :

•           June 25-26, 2010: Boston, Skate Open, ISF™ Skateboarding World Championships

•           July 23-24, 2010: Chicago,  Nike 6.0™ BMX Open

•           August 12-15, 2010: Portland, Ore. Wendy’s™ Invitational

•           September 16-19, 2010: Salt Lake City,  Toyota™ Challenge

•           October 14–17, 2010: Las Vegas, Dew Tour Championships


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Sony has launched a new range of exotic and colorful headphones and earphones. Designed in collaboration with designer Rui Morisawa, they come in five distinctive models – Marqii, Giiq, Trigii, Qlasp and Exhale.

The PIIQ line of headphones which is aimed at artists, skaters, street culture and folks offers good doses of sound and style. The competitive pricing just adds to the attraction.

The Marqii(MDR-PQ1) is the top headphone in the range. Priced at $99.99, it offers supreme sound and has a flat detachable cord to prevent tangling.

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