Sony recently released an updated version to their wearable Walkman W202, in the form of the Sony Walkman W252. The W252 is an all in one Walkman as such, as it provides you with 2GB of space to fit your music collection on to, while also providing the earphones within the Walkman. The new feature of the W252 over the W202, is that the newer model is waterproof, making it perfect for workouts, or wearing in the rain. It’s also possible to wear it while in the shower, although it’s recommended that you don’t keep the water on them constantly with force. The same is true for swimming, while they can be put under a tap, it’s recommended you don’t wear them while swimming.

One of our readers and Twitter follows, AsamPlusONE has received his new NWZ-W252 Walkman and has provided a video review of the Sony product. The W252 can be picked up for £50 to £60 in the UK and $60 in the US. You can view Asam’s video below.

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Sony has revealed an all in one Surround Sound System for the PlayStation 3. The system will be launched in Japan, North America, Europe and Asian regions in fall this year. It has a sleek and casual design which reduces storage space and comes with a built in sub-woofer.

The CECH-ZVS1 uses high end technology like the S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound which delivers rich sound and creates a dynamic sound environment. The speakers have been designed to provide users with a real cinematic experience of all forms of entertainment.

The Sound System carries two audio inputs, an Optical audio input and an analog audio input. The optical audio input is use d for connecting devices like the PS3, while the analog input is used to connect portable devices like the PSP. The CECH- ZVS1 is compatible with several formats like Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG-2 AAC and Linear PCM.  The amplifier has 10W per channel, and 15W + 15W for the subwoofer.

The system also offers features like night mode and dialog mode. Night mode enables users to enjoy sound effects even at low volumes. The dialog mode enhances in-game speech and narration.

Users will have to keep the speakers in front of the TV and connect it to the PS3 with the help of an optical cable. The system provides four sound fields; dynamic, stereo, vivid and standard.

The system will carry a price tag of $ 199 only.


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Sony has announced that it will sponsor the 2010 Dew Tour. The tour is a series of five events which include skateboarding and freestyle motocross events amongst others.

Sony will set up tents where fans can catch the action. This will begin in late June with the Skate Open Skateboarding World Championships in Boston. The final event will the Dew Tour Championships this October in Las Vegas. In the tents, Sony plan to showcase their latest products and technology apart from hosting appearances from popular athletes from around the world.

Featured products include the PIIQ Headphones Line, TRIK Dock Speaker System, Sony bloggie Cameras and the PlayStation Move. Athletes who will appear as part of the promotions include Chaz Ortiz, Daniel Dhers and Ryan Decenzo.

The tour Schedule is as follows :

•           June 25-26, 2010: Boston, Skate Open, ISF™ Skateboarding World Championships

•           July 23-24, 2010: Chicago,  Nike 6.0™ BMX Open

•           August 12-15, 2010: Portland, Ore. Wendy’s™ Invitational

•           September 16-19, 2010: Salt Lake City,  Toyota™ Challenge

•           October 14–17, 2010: Las Vegas, Dew Tour Championships


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Sony has launched a new range of exotic and colorful headphones and earphones. Designed in collaboration with designer Rui Morisawa, they come in five distinctive models – Marqii, Giiq, Trigii, Qlasp and Exhale.

The PIIQ line of headphones which is aimed at artists, skaters, street culture and folks offers good doses of sound and style. The competitive pricing just adds to the attraction.

The Marqii(MDR-PQ1) is the top headphone in the range. Priced at $99.99, it offers supreme sound and has a flat detachable cord to prevent tangling.

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If you’re looking for a new music player for your car and are leaving CDs behind in favour of MP3 players or the iPod, the Tune Tray could be for you. Sony will be releasing two Tune Tray Xplod car stereo players in the next few days. Both the DSX-S200X and DSX-S300BT offer an OLED display, with an internal USB connection and a second USB port for another digital audio source. The Tune Trays support iPod connectivity, as well as MP3 and WMA USB playback. Neither player has a built in CD player though.

The DSX-S300BT offers added Bluetooth functionality. For added Bluetooth, the S300BT model will retail for $80 more, at $280, compared to the $200 S200X.


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Sony is celebrating the forthcoming release of the Metal Gear Solid game on PSP with the release of a limited edition water resistant Walkman W252. It is a uniquely styled MP3 player and comes with a distinctive green camouflage finish.

The wire free Walkman, which can store up to 2GB comes with the 13.5mm EX Series headphones, which are also camouflaged. The wearable MP3 can store around 470 tunes and comes pre-loaded with six music tracks from the game.

A quick three-minute charge is sufficient for 90 minutes listening time. The battery on full charge provides 11 whole hours of listening time.

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