The Sony Ericsson Yendo has only recently been revealed but, Mobique have already had a hands on with the phone. The Sony Ericsson Yendo is the company’s first phone from the refreshed Walkman range. Upon initial inspection, it appears that the Yendo is run on Android, like the Xperia X10 Mini which the handset resembles. With further inspection however, it’s revealed that the interface is only similar with regards to the four corner touch UI, which allows you to access the Walkman player, keypad, contacts and can be changed to access other features of the phone.

The Sony Ericsson Yendo, while being the first full touch screen Walkman phone from the company, it suffers when it comes to the camera, with only a 2 megapixel camera. As well as being the first Walkman phone with a full touchscreen, it also features the largest selection of colors. You will be able to pick the handset up in colors such as, blue, green, pink, orange, purple, silver, red, yellow, as well as the usual black or white. You can view the hands on video of the Sony Ericsson Yendo below.

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For anyone in the UK, or anywhere really, apart from the US, the question on most people’s lips is “How much is the PS Move here?”. Well, we can now provide that answer for anyone in the UK. While stores like Game are allowing pre-orders for just a £10 deposit, they haven’t stated the final price. However you can now pre-order from Amazon, who have the prices listed.

The PlayStation Move controller will be available for £39.99 while the subcontroller will be £29.99. The prices are quite disappointing to be honest, when compared with the US prices but, it’s not really that unexpected. We will also be getting a bundle pack, aka the Move Starter kit, which includes the PlayStation Move controller, the PlayStation Eye and the demo disk. The Starter pack will be available for £49.99, the RRP however is £59.99.

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If you missed the E3 live stream, or haven’t gotten round to watching it yet, read our round up guide to see what you missed and what you should see.  The post includes details on: Killzone 3, 3D games, the PlayStation Move, Gran Turismo 5, InFamous 2, Twisted Metal, Upcoming PS3 games, Upcoming PSP games, Premium PSN, as well as the transcript logs, courtesy of GameSpot.

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Watch E3 Live

E3 has started and you can watch Sony’s conference via live stream thanks to GameTrailers. Click the link here to watch it live.

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The largest gaming conference in the United States -E3, is almost here and Sony sure has big plans. The video game industry is looking forward to a new gaming console and it looks like Sony is planning to give them one.

Sony have confirmed that they will unveil new hardware at E3. It remains to be seen if they are simply unveiling the PlayStation Move or presenting the more awaited PSP 2 or the PS4.

Apart from games, Sony will also showcase their latest technology like full-body motion capture. Apart from this, they will also showcase new motion-control inputs and 3-D systems at the video game expo.

Sony is also expected to show more titles that will play in 3D on the PlayStation 3 console.

“This is good for the industry because it gives consumers new ways to play on the boxes they have in the living room,” said Frank Gibeau, president of the EA Games label.

With Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo drawing big plans for E3, we can surely expect a few cool launches.

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Sony has announced InFamous 2 for the PS3. The sequel will feature lead character Cole McGrath. “Developer Sucker Punch Productions have improved every aspect of the game”, says Sony.

All the action in the sequel will take place in a new city called New Marais. The game will include new powers and a new gameplay.

Meanwhile, Sony is looking to make the best of the pre E3 announcements. They have revealed plans for titles like LittleBigPlanet 2, God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Killzone 3 apart from InFamous 2.  Sony sure have big plans !

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